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Professional, qualified counsellors on hand to help.

At the Therapy Loft we understand that, for therapy to be effective, you need to find the right therapist. You need a counsellor with the right qualifications, experience and professionalism to effectively support you, or your loved one, through a challenging time. You need the right location, time and price. You could spend hours browsing websites and directories, only to find that the counsellor is unavailable. Or, you might leave voicemails or emails and wait days for a reply.

We understand how difficult this can be when you are under stress yourself and trying to deal with painful thoughts and feelings. You want to be seen quickly and by someone who is qualified and available to help.

Find the right therapist the easy way.

We have therapists on hand to help. Let us match you to the most suitable member of our professional team, based on your situation, your location, your budget and your availability. We do the leg-work so that you can feel reassured that the specialist you see will be appropriately qualified, experienced and ready to help you.

All of our therapists are professionally trained, fully insured, accredited or registered members of the relevant professional body, receiving clinical supervision and committed to ongoing professional development.

About therapy

Sometimes we all face situations or challenges in life which we find distressing, or feel unable to cope with.

Therapy sessions provide a private and confidential setting in which a client can explore aspects of their experiences and feelings, talking about them freely and openly in a way that is rarely possible with friends or family. Their therapist is trained to listen differently, putting themselves aside in order to hear and feel how it is for their client...

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