Fees, locations and times to suit you.

We take your requirements and match you to the most suitable member of our counselling team. Session fees and frequency will be agreed directly between you and the therapist you see. Generally, you can expect to start with 50 minute sessions, once a week. Fees average between £50-75 per session and some therapists will be able to offer concessions in certain circumstances. If you have a maximum budget in mind, we can take this into account when allocating the most appropriate therapist.

Our therapists can offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments at locations across Hampshire. Tell us what you prefer and let us match you with the most suitable member of our professional team.

Number of sessions.

The overall number of sessions will depend on the nature of what you wish to explore and the pace at which you feel comfortable to work. Some clients will come for a few sessions of short-term, solution focused therapy to look at a specific issue; others will choose to work for a longer period of time on an open-ended basis.

Couples therapy can work differently, with therapists arranging longer sessions less frequently, often over a shorter time-frame.

Face-to-face, online and telephone formats.

Therapy is generally understood to be most effective when it is face-to-face and our therapists are based in private, confidential settings across Hampshire. Let us know where you would like to be seen and we will find someone nearby. We can also offer telephone and online counselling as an alternative to face-to-face. This allows us to work with clients who are travelling or based abroad or around the UK. It can also be helpful as a way of working when anxiety issues are debilitating or physical mobility presents a barrier.

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