Coaching & Consultancy

For executives and management teams.

As well as our work with individuals, the Therapy Loft has also been briefed by organisations to work with management teams, to drive more productive relationships at work.

We provide executive coaching, informed by psychological models and therapeutic techniques, to drive faster decision-making, smoother team dynamics and more effective relationships at all levels of an organisation.

If you experience interpersonal tension within management teams or key working relationships, contact us to find out more about how the Therapy Loft can help.

Training, workshops and therapy services.

We can also provide group training, wellbeing workshops, individual counselling support and Critical Incident Stress Counselling. We can help you exercise your duty of care to employee wellbeing and support your teams to manage stress or meet challenging organisational objectives.

Consultants at the Therapy Loft have years of solid commercial experience behind us from careers in fast-moving, competitive businesses. Let us tailor a response for you with the right blend of high support and high challenge, to shift mindsets and get results.

Email us at if you’re concerned about a performance or wellbeing issue for one of your major players, if your team needs support through change, or if a challenging personality is creating conflict and negativity.

Typical programmes with our coaching consultants and trainers start at £3,000 per day or £250 per session.